Book Trailers and Web Design for Independent Authors


Here's why

Trailers help bring your story to life, and can be a great multimedia experience for your audience, helping you to engage readers.

A slick modern website is an amazing way to showcase your work, back catalog and interact with your readers.

We work closely with you to develop content that captures the mood, tone and imagery you have in mind for your stories and brand.

Trailer Examples

Call Me Daddy

Jade West

Candy Boys/Candy Ever After

Jo Raven

Teach Me Daddy
Isabella Starling &
Demi Donovan

Baby Fever Secrets

Nicole Snow

Website Examples

Jade West Author Site



Short Trailer
around 15 seconds.
Simple transitions.
Read Owl Example:
Virgin For Sale  Cassandra Dee
All media and music included


Long Trailer
Any length - typically 25 seconds to 45 seconds.
Complex transitions.
Read Owl example:
Buy Me, Sir
Jade West
Up to 3 stock images and 2 stock videos included

From $1200

Starts with single page 4 section website.
Send us your requirements to get a full quote.

$ Discuss

Any other kind of promotional video, email requirements and we can see what we can do.

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